Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates & Easter '09

Things have been a little calmer around here lately. Kendal got a clean bill of health at the doctor last week, so that was a relief!! :) She is trying so hard to laugh out loud, it's really cute. She wants to sit up by herself too, but she just can't quite get the hang of it. I read about my friends babies and it makes me sad that she isn't quite as advanced as some of them. Then I think about it, and this poor little girl has had a rough start. I then realize that she will do things on her own time, and simply can't be rushed. She still isn't eating baby food all that well, and I'm just at a loss for that situation. I've tried making it from scratch even, and she just gags. She will eat the fruit, and carrots occasionally. That's it though!! I'm trying not to just give her cereal because that gives her constipation issues. Oh what to do???

Aidan is still a handful as usual. You can definitely tell he is going to be 3!! We are still trying to get him potty trained, and we aren't having much luck. He has been telling us that he has to go "potty" however its usually after he has already gone in his pull-up. I know I can't rush it, but it's hard because I feel like he is just being lazy. He is still very attached to his cup, the kid will drink all day long if you let him. I am feeling like that is part of the issue. We are slowly getting him to go to bed without his cup , or just letting him take water to bed. He doesn't like water to well, so that stops him from sucking it down so quickly.

He is mocking Josh and I both now a days. :) It's funny, but mommy and daddy need to watch our potty mouths. :) I'm a good one for saying damn it, and then he repeats me. Oops!! Gotta watch that. :) Kids, they repeat everything!!!

Easter was nice and relaxing this year, however the preparations were not!!! I decided to make the kids blankets this year. I have been wanting to make Kendal one, and since I hadn't even made Aidan one yet, I decided that this was my chance. With Aidan's birthday so close, I really didn't want to get him a bunch of junk for Easter. This was perfect in my mind, and I knew he would love it!!! I was right.... I made him a John Deer Tractor blanket. Josh and I were up very late on Saturday night finishing them up. It had been a long time since I had made one, so I had to get back in the groove. :) I was glad that I was able to get Josh to help tie it together. Kendal's was just a cute flower pattern. She didn't care one way or the other :) Just another soft thing to lay on. :) As for Easter...we just had my parents, and my grandma over for dinner. They got to play with the kids, and we just had a nice dinner and spent time together. My G-ma Barb made a bunny cake for Aidan. It was really cute!! Of course all Aidan could talk about all day was jelly beans. "I want more jelly beans mommy." He was sneaking them out of the kitchen!!! I had these eggs on the table in a bowl that I was hoping to hide around the house for him to hunt, and he kept stealing them. He is a sneaky little booger!!! We didn't have an egg hunt, the grandparents and Josh both thought he was to little. I disagreed, but I wasn't going to argue, I was too tired!! We did decorate Easter eggs this year, and he really enjoyed that. We will definatly be doing that again. :) All in all it was a nice day, everyone left around 3, and I got to take a much needed nap. Whoo Hoo!! I haven't been sleeping all that great lately. I don't know why....stress probably. :) That's Life!!

Aidan coloring eggs....boy he had a blast!

Pink Hands :)

Aidan and Kendal's Easter baskets and gifts.

The Easter bunny was quite good to them this year!

Kendal checking out her new pink bunny :) She is so cute!!

Big grin for mommy!!! I love her big blue eyes. :)

The kiddo's on Easter morning, Aidan loved his new fishing game!!!

Aidan and his new John Deer blanket that mommy and daddy made him. :)

Shhh....I mean the Easter Bunny :)

Happy Easter from The Heyde's!!!!!!!

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