Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aidan is 3 today!!!!

Aidan is three years old as of today, May 19th. Wow!! It's a little hard to believe. :) We had a party for him with Josh's family, and a few friends over the weekend up in Bremen. GREAT TIME! It was fun to see all the family and friends that we hadn't seen in ages. Aidan had a blast playing with all his new toys and his cousin Collin. It was a cold day outside, so we had to be in doors, but still it was a very enjoyable day.

Aidan's cake....John Deere Tractor theme...he loved it!!

Opening some of his gifts :)

Daddy was stoked about his Notre Dame T-shirt from Aunt Rita and Uncle Vaughn!!

Aidan was excited about the CARS puzzle :)

These are the video images we took at the party...pretty funny. I can tell that we need to work on our sharing.....he's a tad bit possessive in some of these video's. Still, they are pretty darn cute!!!

We got a kick out of this....he just kept looking in that bag for a toy, but he only found clothes.

This was getting up to the big gift.....

It's a Jr. Black and Decker Tool Set from Uncle Rick, Aunt Pam, Brooke, Jeff, Brandy, Shawn, Brianne and Andrew. He loved it!! He plays with it for hours :) Plus we can't even leave the house without his white John Deere Truck. He is too funny!

Finally, he got to blow out the candle on his cake....he had a great day!

That's all for now....stay tuned for more. :) We have his little party tonight with the family, then with the daycare kids on Thursday. Plus, his Chuck E Cheese party on Saturday, he's going to think that he gets a party everyday by the end of the week. :)

P.S. Aidan keeps saying "boom, boom shake your body" Where did he get that?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Well lets just say, I feel very blessed to have two beautiful children, and an amazing husband. Mother's day was wonderful! Josh fixed my favorite breakfast, french toast, and bacon. It was yummy, ooo and we had french vanilla coffee too. Yummy! :) Josh and Aidan did the dishes too, it was really cute!

The boys doing the dishes :)

Aidan made me a flower pot at daycare on Friday, it's so cute! They said he did all the drawing's all by himself. I was impressed :)

Then I got to go back to bed for a little bit, I wasn't feeling all that great from my big night on the boat. My body won't let me sleep past 7 anymore so that's not fun. It was just a relaxing day!! Just for me!!! :)
We ate an early dinner which consisted of steak, garlic mashed potatoes, shrimp, and corn. Yummy!!! Now I am relaxing with my little girl, and just enjoying the rest of this wonderful day. Mr. Aidan went to bed early tonight! He was wore out from all the fresh air. :)
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mommies out in the world!!!

Brandy & Shawn's Reception

Just thought I would fill everyone in on my wonderful weekend. Last night was Brandy and Shawn's wedding reception, it took place on the Madam Caroll. What a fun time!! Josh and I planned ahead to leave the kids with a sitter. We knew from experience that taking them to the reception would be to difficult. Especially since it was out on the lake, and the boat only docked every couple of hours. Plus we really needed the night to be together..we never get the opportunity anymore. Of course the first thing out of Josh's mouth when we arrived at the boat was "Aidan would have loved this" Geez... I felt awful! He would have had a good time, but I needed a night out! Plus I actually had a good time, it was great food, good music the works!! Plus they had margaritas!!! I was stoked! I ended up drinking ALOT, which I never drink anymore, so it was pretty entertaining. Here are a few photo's of Josh and I. (He was sober) We were attempting to take pictures of ourselves. Pretty funny!

You get the idea :)

So congrats to Brandy and Shawn! We had a great time! (I probably should have taken some pictures of the boat....O well)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Saying good-bye is hard to do.....

So as most of you know, my brother Troy was home for a quick visit before he headed off to Korea for a year. It's so hard on me sometimes...I miss him so much!! :( We have gotten a lot closer as we have gotten older. I want him to be a part of my kids life in a way that our uncle is not a part of ours. I hardly know my uncle on my moms side, and I WANT my kids to know my brother. He adores spending time with them when he is home. He is really good with Kendal, he's not afraid of her or anything. Aidan was a little timid this time around Troy, but it's because he doesn't know him. I think if Troy actually spent some time with him, they would be great buddies. I hope one day they will be :)

Uncle Troy holding Kendal for the first time since she was 2 weeks old :)

I wish I could have spent more time with Troy when he was home this time, but I was working a ton. Plus he had a lot of people to see, and I totally understand that. I'm lucky that I got a couple good days with him. We took our grandmother out for her birthday, and then we had a nice farewell dinner out at my moms the night before he left. It was a blast!!! Plus a big BONUS, my best-friend Ara was in town, and she hadn't seen Troy in a long time. It was such an Amazing time!! I can't wait to do it again!

My best friend Ara, Troy, Aidan, and Kendal the night before he left.

I love both these pictures!!!

Troy arrived in Korea on Tuesday, and is settling in. I think I'm going to talk him into getting a web cam, that way Aidan and Kendal can talk to their uncle from afar.

Miss you like crazy little brother.....Be safe!!!

Kendal~7 months

Well it's official, my baby girl turned 7 months old on April 27th. Wow time sure is flying!! She is doing amazing these days, her eating habits are better, and she is sleeping for longer periods throughout the night. It's awesome!! She still wakes up at least once for a feeding, but that's about it. She is still very tiny...only about 13.5lbs.

Her personality is really coming out, she wants to laugh out loud so bad!! It's really cute! She is trying to scoot around on the floor, and also trying to sit up. She will get there...I'm just glad she is such a happy baby these days. We have even transitioned her onto Soy formula. We just tried it one weekend to see how she would take it. Her other formula is just so EXPENSIVE!! Josh and I talked it over, and decided to try her on the soy for a weekend, and if she did well, we would just keep her on it. She has done AMAZING!! She isn't fussy or constipated from the soy, and she is eating her baby food a lot better too! She does have to go to the doctor for a weight check this month, but that's it!! I was lucky enough to get both kids into the doctor on the same day. Aidan has to have his 3yr check up this month too. He is turning 3 in just 11 days!! I can't believe it!

I had the kids pictures taken at Sears a couple weeks ago..FINALLY! They were supposed to have their pictures taken last month, but Kendal was in the hospital.

Aidan's 3 year pictures too!!

Now it's going to be a busy couple of weeks with all the party planning, but he is worth it!! He is super excited about his John Deere Tractor party up in Bremen!! We are having his other party at Chuck E Cheese, and that one is CARS themed. Stay tuned for pictures on the birthday parties. :)