Friday, May 8, 2009

Kendal~7 months

Well it's official, my baby girl turned 7 months old on April 27th. Wow time sure is flying!! She is doing amazing these days, her eating habits are better, and she is sleeping for longer periods throughout the night. It's awesome!! She still wakes up at least once for a feeding, but that's about it. She is still very tiny...only about 13.5lbs.

Her personality is really coming out, she wants to laugh out loud so bad!! It's really cute! She is trying to scoot around on the floor, and also trying to sit up. She will get there...I'm just glad she is such a happy baby these days. We have even transitioned her onto Soy formula. We just tried it one weekend to see how she would take it. Her other formula is just so EXPENSIVE!! Josh and I talked it over, and decided to try her on the soy for a weekend, and if she did well, we would just keep her on it. She has done AMAZING!! She isn't fussy or constipated from the soy, and she is eating her baby food a lot better too! She does have to go to the doctor for a weight check this month, but that's it!! I was lucky enough to get both kids into the doctor on the same day. Aidan has to have his 3yr check up this month too. He is turning 3 in just 11 days!! I can't believe it!

I had the kids pictures taken at Sears a couple weeks ago..FINALLY! They were supposed to have their pictures taken last month, but Kendal was in the hospital.

Aidan's 3 year pictures too!!

Now it's going to be a busy couple of weeks with all the party planning, but he is worth it!! He is super excited about his John Deere Tractor party up in Bremen!! We are having his other party at Chuck E Cheese, and that one is CARS themed. Stay tuned for pictures on the birthday parties. :)


  1. So weird...I want to read your post, but once again I can't see the writing, just the pictures...bummer!I don't know why that is:/

  2. I could read it just fine! Love the pics Tricia! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow up!?