Friday, March 27, 2009

Kendal's stay at the hospital :-(

It all started about a week ago, her big brother got sick with a fever and a cough. So naturally his little sister got sick too. :) Fun times in the Heyde house!! So we started with the breathing treatments, and vicks. Pretty much everything we could think of, I didn't take her to the doctor because they didn't give Aidan anything because they said it was viral. Well the weekend hit, and I had to work both Sat. and Sun. that week. Josh called me at work looking for the gas drops and Tylenol because she had been screaming her head off for two hours. He was about to lose it, so I talked to my manager and they let me come home early. On my way home I called the doctor, and luckily our pediatrician was on call that day. She told me that I should give her some Motrin, and try to tough it out through the night until the next day, so that they could take a look at her in the office. She really didn't want us to have to take her to Urgent Care or the ER, but said if she got worse, that would be our only option. So we made it through the evening, and she seemed a little more like herself by Monday. She was eating a little better and everything. I went ahead and called the doctor to try to get her in, but found out that our pediatrician was on vacation that week. ( Why didn't she tell me that when I spoke to her the day before) My only option at that point was to see Dr. Padgett, and I was not fond of him. They did say however that Dr. Thomas would be on call on Tuesday, so I decided to take her to see him. So Tuesday morning I took her to the doctor, and they looked her over. He tested her oxygen levels, and they were okay. He checked her ears....nothing. He told me there was really nothing we could do, she sounded like she had RSV, but he didn't think she did.( He didn't bother to run a test to be sure) He said it was a viral thing that just had to run it's course. now she was hardly eating, so that was a concern for me. He was like..."well just try to feed her every couple of hours or so to get as much in her as possible" He obviously doesn't know Kendal because she only eats a few oz at a time to begin with, every oz counts with this little girl because she is so tiny. WHAT DO I KNOW, I'M ONLY HER MOTHER!!!

Well I took her home, and needless to say, she got much worse. She was up half the night crying, she wasn't eating at all, and her cough was horrible. We called the doctor back on Wednesday morning, and I spoke with the nurse. I told her our concerns, and she said Dr. Padgett was there today, and he could take another look at her. I was totally dreading seeing him, but at that point I was desperate for some answers, and wanted a second opinion. He took one look at her and said, "wow, her breathing is really labored. Sounds like she has RSV." I think we need to do a chest x-ray and admit her to the hospital at least over night. Josh and I were so scared, but relieved at the same time. SOMEONE FINALLY LISTENED TO US!! So off to the hospital we went.....

She had the chest x-ray first thing, and that was awful to watch. Josh and I both teared up on that one. I can't even describe what they did to her. They had her in this cage thing with her arms above her head all confined. OMG!! It was just awful. Then she had to have an IV, and that was nothing compared to the chest x-ray. Josh just dipped her paci in sugar water the whole time, and she fussed a little, but that was it. You could defiantly tell that she was on the dehydrated side, because she started to perk up a few hours later. The respiratory nurses came in to give her her treatments. When Dr. Padgett came in that evening to check on her, he said her chest x-ray looked okay. She didn't have ammonia, that was a relief! He said her lungs just looked a little inflamed, probably a virus. He said her RSV test was negative, but that didn't mean she didn't have the virus. He wanted her to stay the night so he could test her oxygen levels while she slept. Well of course when she finally fell asleep that night the nurse came into put her oxygen sensor on. (she kept kicking it off while she was awake) It measures the oxygen in the blood. Normal range is in the upper 90's. She was in the mid to lower 80's!! Yikes!! So they had to wake her up to put the oxygen tubes in her nose. Boy she didn't like that at all!!! She was not a happy girl. :( It seemed to help because after that, she was eating well and her spirits were up. I had my baby girl back :) So after about 48 hours in the hospital she got to come home, and she is doing much better. The only downfall is that she now won't take the powdered version of her all ready expensive formula. She wants the ready made stuff that she had in the hospital. ( Ya think she is spoiled any) :) So we have switched her to the ready made version of her formula, and she is taking 3oz at every feeding. She still has a cough, and we have to give her treatments every 6 hours. Other then that she seems back to herself. THANK GOODNESS!!

Josh and I don't know how we would have made it through this week without the support of our family. Thank you so much for helping out with Aidan, bringing us food etc. We are truly grateful for everything. It's nice to know who you can count on. We love you all very much, and could not have made it through the week without your help and support. Here are some pictures of Kendal in hospital. So sad......

My poor baby, she looks like she has a broken wing. :(

In better spirits.....

Loving her daddy :)

Being so good getting her IV out :(

All ready to go home.......

Home at last......

Big brother is happy his baby sister is home!!!

Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers this week, we couldn't have made it through the week without them.

Love, Josh and Tricia

P.S. Sorry this is such a long post. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Craziness....

Where do I even's been a couple of weeks since I've posted. The kids and I were sick for a couple of weeks, and I finally broke down and went to the doctor. She ended up giving me two weeks worth of antibiotics. FUN!!! I still don't feel 100%, but I'm dealing. Aidan and Kendal both have had colds, and I thought they were both getting better. BOY was I WRONG!!! Over the weekend, Kendal decided she wanted to scream for 2 hours or so before she went to bed. This went on for two days in a row, so after the second night I decided to call the doctor. Josh and I decided we couldn't take another night of her screaming. Off to the doctor we went....all to find out that they could find nothing physically wrong with her, which in a way was great news. We were happy because at least that meant that the new formula was really doing wonders for her. She was thinking that since maybe she was only fussy at night, she might have acid reflux. So that's what we are dealing with now, and she HATES the medication. It smells like pure peppermint extract, so it must burn going down her throat. Poor baby girl :( She has had a rough start, let's just pray that she is going to grow out of all this nonsense. Daddy and I are going to lose our minds!! She ended up having her shots and getting her measurements since her six month appointment was supposed to be on Thursday. She is getting a little bigger, she weighs 12lbs and is 23.5 inches long. She is still so stinkn' tiny! She is doing so many cute things these days, babbling, and making raspberries. She smiles all the time now....She is really enjoying her toys and rattles. She actually hits herself in the head sometimes on purpose. It's funny. :) She gives daddy open mouth cute. I have a cute picture of that. Plus I finally got to see her roll over. Granted it was from her back to her belly, but hey I'll take it! So funny, because Josh and I both saw it and we were so excited that we scared her. Man O Man she sticks that lip out a mile when you scare her. :( I can't help but laugh at her, it's so funny sometimes. She even sticks it out when her big brother gets in trouble and is howling. These two....I tell ya.

Kisses for the Daddy!!!!

So stinkn' cute :)

The big girl about to roll over....

There she goes....

We celebrated St. Patricks Day by putting on our Green!! I took the kids to story time for the first time, boy that was fun. NOT!! Aidan decided he wanted to be glued to me, and Kendal decided to throw a fit. I was able to calm her, but I could not get Aidan to let go of me. (He is not normally like that) I finally sat down on the floor to try to get him to sit down. He then put his head on my lap, so I was like okay...what is going on with him. I felt his head and he felt really warm. Well sure enough...we left and got something to eat. He didn't want to eat, so we came home and I had already given him some Tylenol, so he was cooling off. However when he woke up from his nap he had a temp of 101. Now I've got to keep an eye on him, and we may be making another trip to the doctor this week. Well that has been our life in a nut shell, if I think of anything else that has happend, I'll be sure to post it.

Happy St. Patricks Day from Aidan and Kendal :)

Poor Aidan...not feeling to hot :(

Kendal watching her brother, she looks so serious. LOL :)

Yeah, they didn't feel like putting on a smile for mom, but they still look cute! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kendal~5 months

Well it's official my beautiful baby girl turned 5 months old last Friday. Makes me so sad...she is going to be a year old before I know it! She is enjoying cereal every now and again, some days are better then others. She is starting to cut some teeth, so she has been a little cranky at times. She also has a nasty cold that she caught from her big brother, so we are trying to keep her comfortable. Other then that, she is good. I got some great pictures of her on Saturday...Enjoy!!!

Isn't she cute!!!!!!

I love this picture!!! She makes this face ALOT!

I don't know what she is looking at....

Big girl!!

Aidan's first visit to the pottery place.....

Well Aidan got to go and paint pottery with his cousins who are more like his honorary Aunt and Uncle this past weekend. They have been wanting to spend some time with him, so they offered to take him on Saturday morning for a few hours. I was like HECK YEAH!! I had plans that evening and wanted to get the house clean anyway, and I know Josh needed a break too.

Anyhow, "Aunt Bri and Uncle Andrew" took Aidan to the pottery place. They took all kinds of pictures and as you can see he had one heck of a time. They said it was so neat to watch him, and he got to pick out what he wanted to paint and even the colors he wanted to paint. Here are a few pics. from that day....

He is growing up too fast......

Aidan with Aunt Bri

Aidan with Uncle Andrew

His blue piggy bank truck!!! Isn't it pretty :)

Aidan's first visit to Chuck E Cheese!!

Oh BOY!!! Josh and I decided that Aidan deserved some Mommy and Daddy time, so we took him this past Friday night to Chuck E Cheese. I was wore out before we even got our coats off!! He really enjoyed himself though, and so did Daddy and I. The food was terrible, but I guess you really don't go there to eat the food. :) Ha Ha! Aidan played very well considering the amount of children that were there. He was fascinated by this train in a big glass case. He just kept feeding his "toins" into it. He was really cute! I about had a heart-attack when we tried to play ski-ball with him, yeah he kept chucking the balls over in the other persons lane...(luckily it was daddy's) and they would bounce all over the place and usually end up on the floor. I got to laughing so hard I was crying at one point. Good thing they didn't kick us out! I tried to get some pictures, but they didn't turn out very well. Here are a few of him riding in the toy cars. Enjoy!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little reunion...

An old high school friend and I got to talking about how awesome it would be to try to get our old "click" together. We tracked everyone down and managed to set a date to get together last night. We had a ball!!! Some of us hadn't seen each other in like more then 5 years. We had dinner at O'Charleys, and then everyone came back to my place to meet Josh and the kids. It was so amazing to spend time with these wonderful ladies. We just picked up right where we left off. It's so funny how that happens. :) We only managed to get 5 out of 8 of us together, but it was still an awesome time! Here is a picture of us back here at my place after we had dinner. Enjoy!!!!

From the back left...Leah, Stacy, Kim, Havilah, and Me. (Miss Kendal too)
You ladies are AMAZING!!! LOVE YOU :)


Well I just got these photo's back yesterday, so I wanted to post a few. I know we are a little behind, but she hasn't really changed all that much.