Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aidan's first visit to the pottery place.....

Well Aidan got to go and paint pottery with his cousins who are more like his honorary Aunt and Uncle this past weekend. They have been wanting to spend some time with him, so they offered to take him on Saturday morning for a few hours. I was like HECK YEAH!! I had plans that evening and wanted to get the house clean anyway, and I know Josh needed a break too.

Anyhow, "Aunt Bri and Uncle Andrew" took Aidan to the pottery place. They took all kinds of pictures and as you can see he had one heck of a time. They said it was so neat to watch him, and he got to pick out what he wanted to paint and even the colors he wanted to paint. Here are a few pics. from that day....

He is growing up too fast......

Aidan with Aunt Bri

Aidan with Uncle Andrew

His blue piggy bank truck!!! Isn't it pretty :)

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