Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brandy & Shawn's Reception

Just thought I would fill everyone in on my wonderful weekend. Last night was Brandy and Shawn's wedding reception, it took place on the Madam Caroll. What a fun time!! Josh and I planned ahead to leave the kids with a sitter. We knew from experience that taking them to the reception would be to difficult. Especially since it was out on the lake, and the boat only docked every couple of hours. Plus we really needed the night to be together..we never get the opportunity anymore. Of course the first thing out of Josh's mouth when we arrived at the boat was "Aidan would have loved this" Geez... I felt awful! He would have had a good time, but I needed a night out! Plus I actually had a good time, it was great food, good music the works!! Plus they had margaritas!!! I was stoked! I ended up drinking ALOT, which I never drink anymore, so it was pretty entertaining. Here are a few photo's of Josh and I. (He was sober) We were attempting to take pictures of ourselves. Pretty funny!

You get the idea :)

So congrats to Brandy and Shawn! We had a great time! (I probably should have taken some pictures of the boat....O well)

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