Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Calming Effect :-)

Well things have calmed down a bit around here. Kendal has been on her new formula for over a week now and is doing WONDERFUL!! Josh and I can't believe the change in her, she is truly not the same baby, and we are so thankful. She is full of smiles and coos and is just enjoying life these days. She hasn't really had any new milestones, but that is okay. She will do things in her own time. Right now I think Josh and I will settle for a happy baby, everything else will come when she is ready. :) I will say this though, this girl must have been starving for 4 months because she is a little piggy these days. She is eating as much as 5-6 oz at a time. Before it was only like 2-3 oz, so this has been a HUGE difference. Josh and I are thinking she is going to eat us out of house and home. :-)
Big brother Aidan is feeling better these days too, he is definitely back to his old self. He is so LOUD these days. I'm warning anyone that comes over to bring a set of ear plugs. Ha ha...he is just a ball of energy. Nothing calms him down.

We had company this past week, my Grandma Nancy from Arkansas has been visiting. I wish under better circumstances, her brother is very ill and in the hospital. He is not expected to make it much longer. Still it has been wonderful spending time with her, and having her around the kids. She and Grandma Julie came over on Valentines Day, and we baked and decorated sugar cookies. I think Aidan had more fun eating then decorating. It was fun though. He loves to help mommy bake. He has very little patients at times, but we are continuing to work on that, so we'll see. In the mean time here are a few photo's of our baking experience. Plus a few extra of Kendal in her little Valentines outfit. Enjoy!!!

Decorating cookies with grandma.....

Aidan eating more than decorating :-)

Helping G-ma cut out the cookies.....

My beautiful little girl in her Valentines outfit....she looks so pretty :-)

Happy Valentines Day from the Heyde's!!!!

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