Friday, February 6, 2009


Well this is the first opportunity that I've had to post this week. Our life has been a little stressful this week. Miss Kendal decided that she wanted to stop eating last weekend, so I called the doctor and they told me to keep a diary over the weekend and they would check back with us on Monday morning. Well she was a little stinker all weekend, and did not eat like she was supposed to, all she wanted to do was sleep. She is supposed to take about 25 oz a day, and she was barely taking 18 most days. I honestly didn't really think to much of it, I just thought maybe she was going through a growth spurt or something. Plus we had put her on that new formula, and she was still fussy, but not like she was before. She was still having her little fits at times too. I just thought she was wore out. Well, when the doctor called on Monday morning she wanted to see her right away to check her weight. She went from 10lbs 11oz to 10lbs 14 oz. The doctor was completely stumped as to why she wasn't eating. She did say that she could feel her liver and her spleen, so she wanted to run a blood test to make sure something wasn't off. I was like OH BOY!! It was awful watching them pin her down and take blood from her arm, so sad :(

Her results showed that her liver enzymes were elevated and that there was something in her blood that indicated a possible food allergy. The doctor wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure there wasn't a mass or something that was disturbing the liver. Josh and I were beside ourselves, we didn't know what to think. The doctor went ahead and put her on another new formula. This one is Similac Alimentum. It has no milk protein at all, and it smells horrible. I don't know how she is even drinking it. :) It is pretty much made up of meat proteins, and let me tell you.....this stuff is not cheap!!! I had to run to the store to pick up a few things and I checked out the price....WOW!! It is $27 for a 12oz can!! Luckily the doctor gave us enough samples to last about a week , so we haven't had to buy any yet. Thankfully!!!

We didn't end up getting her ultrasound results until yesterday, and we kind of killed two birds with one stone. I ended up having to take Aidan to the doctor because he was coughing so hard that the poor kid was vomiting. So he ended up with a Sinus infection, but at least we got that taken care of and the doctor could go over Kendal's results. They said everything looked fine as far as the liver was concerned, so that was a relief. Tuned out to just be a protein allergy to milk. Which explained a lot, her moods, why she was always crying and kicking her feet out. She was in pain....poor kid. :( So now we are going to have to keep her on this crazy expensive formula, but if it makes her comfortable then Josh and I will do everything we can to make that happen. So that's been our week in a nut shell, I'm exhausted!!!!

On the upside she is loving her Jumperoo now, she can make it bounce on her own and everything. Sooo cute! Here is a video of that..Enjoy!

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  1. Glad to hear that everything got sorted out! Hoping things calm down for you now. Sounds like you could use a break!