Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Once again we went to Bremen for Easter, it's always great to see the family. Aidan had his first Easter egg hunt with all his cousins. He had a ball, and it was so fun to see his face as he found a new egg to put in his bag. :)

We decided to go up a day early and visit with Josh's parents. Plus my wonderful mother-in-law offered to help me make my apple slices for our Easter dinner at Josh's grandma's. We ended up making a double batch so we could test them out. :) It's always a joy to cook work together in the kitchen with ones we love. I can't wait to share some of those special moments with Kendal. We ended up making a cheese ball, and deviled eggs too. I was pretty exhausted by the time it was all over with. To make matters worse Lil Miss was just being clingy and whiny all weekend. She was a handful. She kept fighting her sleep etc. It was just not a good weekend with her. We finally got the kids to sleep and then the "bunny duties" had to be finished. :) That's always the fun part!! I know that isn't the reason we celebrate Easter, but seeing the kids faces is very rewarding. :)

As usual the kids got more then enough candy, so I've had to hide it in various places in the kitchen. I always say every year that I'm not going to buy any, but every year I do. The problem is that we as parents aren't the only ones that get them the candy. The grandma's and great grandma's do too. It's a losing battle. LOL :) I say that with a smile, because it's never going to change. It's what grandparents, and great grandparents are suppose to do, it's what they look forward to.

We finally got a family picture right before we headed back home. It was long over due!! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and made lots of great memories with your families.

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